Hannah Montana and Grades

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All right then- As promised here is the review of the Hannah Montana 3-D Concert!

The movie started out well enough, if not a little cliche, and from there it was appealing enough. It kept my attention (most of the time!) but from the opening scene which included Hannah (or Miley) being dropped from the ceiling in a giant box, I felt like the wrong message was being portrayed to her fans everywhere.

The message or picture of Miley’s life that was sent through the video was one of her trying to be a positive role model for young girls. While she certainly does accomplish the role model part of this, it’s questionable whether she’s a positive role model or not.

My best friend would disagree with me here: She thinks I’m being to critical of Miley, and I agree with that! But when we went to go see the movie opening day (we had the day off from school) the theater was full of girls my sister’s age! Three years old- dressing and acting like a rock star! Personally, I don’t feel like Miley meets the standard that three year olds should be living by, which is innocence, and yes, ignorance.

Without going into too much detail, I will say that she dresses with little modesty, and pretty flashy. Fine! So she is a rock star and has the right to this, and if her fans were only teenagers I really couldn’t care less; however, this is the image that’s being portrayed to three year olds! Miley may be trying to be a good role model… And as far as the teenage crowd goes she’s succeeding. As far as her younger fans who idolize her are concerned, the way she dresses and behaves is the norm, and thus they’ll grow up thinking that this is how they should behave.

Parents wonder why their little children grow up pushing the boundaries of their age- dressing and acting like rock stars- and maybe they don’t realize that what they allow their children to watch and experience when they’re little has a profound impact on the type of young adults they mature into. Just a thought…

On a totally different note, I received my final semester grades! While I wasn’t quite able to get my Algebra grade to the A that I wanted, I’ve decided that I should be grateful that I passed the final!!!! Haha. And, as my Mom helped me to put into perspective, it’s Algebra! I hate that stuff (plus it doesn’t really come naturally to me) so the fact that I have a B shouldn’t really be an issue. Tough, but she’s right! Haha.

Aside from that, I got really good grades! I even did well on that stupid Humanities final that i was positive that I had failed! Yeah!

You know what is SO weird though? I can make a connection between Hannah Montana and my grades! First off, I was initially impressed (at one point I had a 100% in Humanities- and this was like halfway through the year) but eventually I faltered… I got only like, oh, 95%! I know. Totally not a big deal… But at the time I thought it was. So in the end I ended up doing fine grade wise, but at the time it seemed like a really big deal. Not seeing the connection? Well basically, it’s that neither one of these things- Hannah Montana or Grades- are important in the long run! Isn’t that a relief?

So that’s about it… Next blog post should be on my new electives! I feel that after only one day of classes I really can’t make an adequate judgement… So tomorrow?

Ta Ta for Now,



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