The Chronicles of Narnia- A Rebuttal!

February 7, 2008 at 3:33 am 1 comment

As the title of this entry informs, this post is meant as a rebuttal to what I read on my friend Josh’s blog ( Recently, Josh posted on how he felt that the movie adaptions of The Chronicles of Narnia will “never make good movies” and “often it would be better to leave well enough alone” the series because justice will never be fully done to the original works. On these three points specifically I would have to strongly disagree with Josh.

Firstly, if the movies were better left alone, then consider those who don’t like reading- or cannot read. Yes, there are audio books, but a movie is so much more exciting! The movie adaption of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was a beautiful masterpiece! Even those opposed to Christianity gave is gushing reviews because of the sensational acting, well written plot that borrowed heavily from Lewis’s original story, and much more. While all of the smaller details such as those mentioned above are subject to opinion, there is one infallible truth, which is the message of redeeming love and forgiveness. Also clearly shown in the movie is the story of Christ: His death, and later his resurrection.

Those who say the movies will never be able to do justice to the books are completely right; however, they have no right to say they are a waste of time. If even one person can see Aslan and make the connection between the him and Jesus Christ, then the movies have been successful. I strongly feel that The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was successful in doing so, and therefore a powerful movie that can be enjoyed by Believers and non-believers alike.

Secondly, addressing the later sequels of the movies, I believe the same theory applies. If Hollywood is able to unknowingly transfer the symbolism presented in The Chronicles of Narnia through to the movie versions of the series then they will be worthwhile, and brilliant at that.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what we think of the movies since as long as they present the same themes seen in the books, that have captivated and convicted so many for years, then the series will have done its job well. While I personally believe that the movies are amazing and totally true to the books, I understand that there are many different opinions and so I welcome all comments.

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  • 1. Joshua Rice  |  February 7, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    I was talking with my dad last night and he took it upon himself to inform me that my Narnia post may have been “the worst post [I’ve] ever made.” He didn’t feel I succinctly or accurately communicated my ideas. This may or may not be the case, but regardless, let me here post the main idea I was attempting to communicate: I believe any well written book could be a well-executed movie in the hands of a competent production team. I even think this could be true of all of the Chronicles of Narnia. However, these books will not make for good movies unless theater audiences adjust their thinking. Several of the books contain plotlines that, while traditional, are devoid of the action sequences audiences crave. I think it’s good that Lewis was able to tell his stories without having to sensationalize them with needless battles, etc., it’s a tribute to his skill as a writer. But if these movies are to remain accurate to the books, and still please audiences, audiences are going to have to change their perception of good fantasy from action-driven stories to plot-driven stories. I’m concerned that the producers may take the easy way out and give the action seeking audiences what they want, whether that is to be found in the original books or not.
    Good post though, great job of refuting my points.

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