My Review of Dragon Flight!

February 29, 2008 at 3:21 am Leave a comment

As promised, here is my review of Dragon Flight by Jessica Day George!

Dragon Flight was a devastating read because it 1.) Made me realize I was becoming an avid fan of George’s writing and 2.) It clearly showed that if she keeps up this maniac writing pace I am going to remain quite poor thanks to my book fund being repeatedly emptied!

The story opens very sweetly, if not just a little bit boring. Quickly, the reader is thrust back into Creel’s world so that even if they had forgotten minor details, it really doesn’t matter.

I found myself drawn to Creel for different reasons then I was when reading Dragon Slippers. Other characters such as Marta, Tobin, Luka, Niva, Velika, Feniul, and Amacarin were given larger and more important roles then in Dragon Slippers, and then rose to the challenge magnificently. Dragon Flight also introduced us to new characters and places that were very easy to become attached to and intrigued by.

The sequences that dealt with the Dragon’s were very well written. My only complaint was that sometimes the dragon acted almost too human. There were also a few parts where dragons performed alchemy, and I felt that it was never really explained how they learned it or why they were able to work it. Little details like that were missing, but since the book is written for a slightly younger crowd it will take a very observant reader to notice this.

It was very obvious from reading this that no longer are we dealing with an inexperienced author; instead, George’s writing is filled with vibrancy, details, and a very well thought out plot for a book that was never meant to be!

Overall, I have very few complaints about this book, and many compliments! I hope that George will continue to produce ever more splendid reads such as Dragon Flight in the future! Maybe there will be a sequel to the sequel?

This book is recommended for any teenage girl. It’s a great, clean, read.



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