My Review of Nobody’s Prize

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As far as sequels go Nobody’s Prize was average. It didn’t wow me or make me go, oh my gosh that was amazing! Actually, it made me mad! The author completely and one hundred percent sets up the ending for a third book; yet chances are very slim that there will be one!

Nobody’s Prize continued where Nobody’s Princess left off. Helen and Milo travel from Delphi, following the trail of Helen’s brothers and the other warriors set to join the quest for the golden fleece. On the way they run into a few obstacles but nothing major.

Once on the quest there are of course many adventures. The problem I had with section of the book was the whole emphasis on Herkales and his issues. The book is supposed to be about Helen, not some overweight truth-twisting hero. The author portrays almost all of the heroes on the quest as being very arrogant and self centered. Even when we’re supposed to be supporting certain characters, because of previous backgrounds on the characters you can’t really love them as much as you fee like you ought too.

Another issue I had was the authors overall perspective on Helen. She establishes her as character that can defend herself perfectly well, is smart if not brilliant, and becoming more and more attractive; but it constantly finding herself in dangerous situations! Is it because Helen is smart or stupid? That was a major question that plagued me as I read this sequel…

With all the negative said, the book is very good. It’s interesting to the point of where I was reading it in my Art History class under the tables (bad, I know). I didn’t want to put it down, which is always a very enjoyable experience. I loved certain plot twists that allowed Helen to grow and expand as a character.

Ultimately, i’m stuck again on the possibility of another sequel. In the first two books the author focuses on what Helen’s life would have been life when she was growing up, as opposed to the famous story we all know. The problem is that Nobody’s Prize is absolutely begging for a sequel. It wants it so bad it makes poor innocent readers such as me almost distraught wondering how the author would have portrayed a well know story of Helen, when she’s a bit older, wiser, and has a face that launched a thousand ships. I can only hope that the author will decide to expand Helen’s story and satisfy readers curiosity!

Overall, 4 stars for being entertaining despite a few flaws! 🙂


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