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May 17, 2008 at 12:16 am Leave a comment

Not only is tonight going to be a night of hair styling and makeup galore; but I am also going to go see Narnia!!!! Happy!!!!

It’s good that I’m happy now because he past two days have just been tears and horribleness. We had our design files due for science and those are just ridiculously hard to do… Plus I have a Mac and the school computers are PC, so when I tried to transfer the document form my computer to the school’s computer NONE OF THE PICTURES SHOWED UP! I used quite a few pictures in my file and to have none of them work was just like a dagger to the mind. It didn’t help that there was no possible way to receive an extension on the project. My science teacher was sending them out at exactly 4:00 PM today. So from lunch time on to 7th period I was frantically trying to compile it together.

It also didn’t help that in Art History practically everyone was acting like 2 years olds. It’s Art History so there are going to be nude paintings, etc., but when the majority of the class is composed of teenage boys, and when you just happen to be studying The Late Renaissance and Early Baroque period (nudity- big thing then) the general atmosphere in the class room just becomes too much. It may be art, but to me it looks like porn. Paintings (especially oil) are so detailed that they can become quite explicit. I’m not sure if the teacher has been doing this intentionally or unintentionally but we keep focusing on the pieces that involve nude woman and it bothers me. So yeah, God created woman and we’re definitely beautiful and made perfectly according to his design; but it’s just ridiculous to try and expect teenage boys to not think about a certain thing when viewing these portraits. This really reminds me of what I read on a friend’s blog. It is SO hard to try and be pure. Basically… you can’t. You can always try and that’s absolutely the right thing to do but it’s all around. Makes me look forward to Heaven!

Another thing that’s really been bothering me lately is the level of profanity that exists in a high school. Profanity to me is just amazing. People say it SOOOOO much and never seem to realize how often they use it. Or if they do they just don’t care. To me, profanity sounds unintelligent and just makes the speaker sound stupid. Harsh reality but there it is. We have the English vocabulary (ridiculous and wonderful) that has a multiple words that can mean the same thing and people choose to stick to the explicit swear words. I don’t get it. *Frustrated Sigh* 😦

Anyways, back to science… I’m just so glad it’s over. I really can’t handle much more stress. Thankfully we only have like 18 school days left.

Did I mention I had an Algebra test today? *Scream!*

I’m also supposed to find our about the results of the ASB elections some time this weekend. Thankfully I’m not to stressed about that. For those that don’t know I’m running for Secretary so we’ll see what happens 😛

Oh well. Narnia in a few hours!!!! I’ll be posting a review tomorrow or Sunday for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂



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