Wait, How Many Days???

May 27, 2008 at 1:55 am Leave a comment

I’m terribly annoyed right now.

My best friend and I were just chatting over the phone and for some random reason (oh wait- that’s called Spring Fever) we decided to do a count down of how many days we have until school is out.

So officially there are 23 days till June 18th; but technically that’s only 14 school days. Still, in the life of a teenager that feels like forever. I want school to be over very badly indeed. I’m at the end of a four-day weekend which makes it worse as well!

Tomorrow I am blessed enough (*cough cough*) to go to school and get end of fourth quarter projects and exam preps! Yeah. Fun.

In an attempt to be more positive I’ve decided that this Summer is going to be FUN. By fun I mean a limited amount of school, work, and chores (moderation), and a large amount of excitement, adventure, and drama. Good drama. I intend to achieve this through one of my favorite past times: Summer Camp. I’m going to Worldview, Sr. High Retreat (hopefully), possibly a bike trip, and of course the highlight of my summer, Camp Niwana! I’m so jazzed. I get to be a counselor this year and it’s going to be fabulous. To illustrate this, I’ve wanted to be a counselor since 5th grade and I’ll be going into 10th. That’s a fairly large chunk of my life! I really can’t wait. Additionally I’ll be having plenty of Summer camp outs in my back yard… It’s going to be wonderful.

But for now, I must endure school and all it’s intense drudgery. I most say though that my four-day weekend was wonderfully productive. I slept in most days, cleaned my room, read books, watched movies, l listened to music, hung out with friends, played outside, etc. Really nice.

So here’s something new….

Currently Reading- Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City.

Currently Listening To- Inhabited, Love. It’s their new album and I “Love” it!

Currently Watching- Cheaper by the Dozen 2 🙂

Currently Feeling- a bit restless, but over all good!

Currently Learning- that I need to be more mellow.

All right, that’s about it! Enjoy my random image 🙂 It’s from my first time driving, which was very, very, very scary-exciting-frightening-elevating-surprising-tormentuous (not a word)- and wonderful. 😛


* And to answer questions that I am sure will come with this picture, my first time driving was about… Hmm… I think it was four months ago or so. And yes I’m legal (now…) 😛


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