50 Things I Positively Will Never Do

June 13, 2008 at 2:21 am Leave a comment

This is a creative writing prompt that I found, 50 things that I will never do:

1.) Not love books
2.) Become a Voldemort fan
3.) Think that writing is lame
4.) Be able to stop learning
5.) Master a Mozart piece in one day
6.) Memorize where every country is on the map
7.) Think I can draw realism
8.) Live without summer camps!
9.) Become delusional enough to think I’m a neat freak
10.) Love Eyeballs *shudder*
11.) Think that my science teachers pick-up lines make sense
12.) Think that Andy and Arun’s pick up lines make sense!
13.) Understand why people like their pick up lines!
14.) Desire Brussel Sprouts
15.) Think that it won’t rain in my hometown on a regular basis
16.) Understand how people like yogurt *gagh* (unless is frozen :D)
17.) Want a job as a janitor
18.) Believe in evolution
19.) Want to join the debate team while in high school
20.) Not want to meet favorite authors
21.) Not love Shannon Hale’s writing
22.) Think of Mississippi as anything but “M, I, crooked letter crooked letter I, crooked letter crooked letter I, hump back hump back I, MISSIPPI!”
23.) Not love Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
24.) Not love the feeling of diving into the water that first time
25.) Forget those that I knew
26.) Understand why people like having skulls and crossbones on everything
27.) Support terrorism
28.) Stop listening to music
29.) Not want to watch fireworks on the fourth of July
30.) Stop wanting things I know that I can’t have
31.) Believe for a minute that like equals love
32.) Be perfect
33.) Understand the purpose of mesquites
34.) Pronounce Salmon “Saliman” like Kellie Pickler on American Idol
35.) Refuse fresh blueberries with just a touch of sourness in them
36.) Not love the freshness of a summer morning and quiet time outside to just marvel
37.) Want to do math because it’s fun
38.) Not laugh when I see Zac Effron’s “Bet on It”
39.) Not watch an episode of Hannah Montana
40.) Not love waterfalls
41.) Believe that I’m not special
42.) Use swear words
43.) Not procrastinate on school work
44.) See less than might actually be there
45.) Not enjoy a good movie
46.) Think that my life is seriously doomed
47.) Forget that I am loved
48.) Think that ice cream is gross
49.) Be an only child
50.) Stop believing in God.

That was hard but fun 🙂



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