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Is a lovely thing, for example…

I can hang out with friends. My six months were up July 14th, so I have greatly been enjoying the advantages of being able to drive people outside of my family, which is amazing. It is a freedom that I am relishing. And hanging out with friends is also great for getting your mind off other less wonderful things in life. Did I well, mention my house is being remodeled? Ew. Just ew.

And… Nordstrom sale! I am such a girl and so proud of it, because shopping makes me happy 😀 I won’t bore the less fashion inclined with descriptions, but I will say one word: cowgirl boots. Because yes, I have totally fallen in love with them, probably as a result of Taylor Swift. What can I say? They’re beautiful.

Music is also another huge plus for summer. New albums, like Demi Lovato’s Here we go Again, which I have really been enjoying. My favorite song so far is Catch Me, but I’m also a huge fan of Falling over Me, U Got Nothin’ On Me, Remember December, Stop the World, Solo, Every Time you Lie, Here We go Again... Basically every song on that album! What I really appreciate about Demi’s music is that she actually has quality. Unlike most Disney Channel stars, I would count her as a muscian based upon her talent. Summer is also great for music because I have time to practice piano. That is such a rare thing during the school year! I’ve actually been able to learn my latest classical piece in about a month. That’s fairly unheard of during the school year! Needless to say my teacher has been rather happy with me lately. 😉

And of course you can’t forget this little thing called HARRY POTTER!!! I loved the movie. I would say it’s my favorite, but I know the seventh movie will be my favorite. David Yates is definetly my favorite of the four directors. He brings a really amazing touch to the movies. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing reviews for HP6, but like everyone else I appreciated that I was able to laugh, cry, ahhh, and grimace, all in one movie. It was really amazing for me 😀 And I completely agree with John Green of the Nerdfighters in his statement that being a nerd is amazing because you can get excited about things! I might have been jumping a little bit with excitement before the movie started… 😉 Hey, it’s ok. My friends are used to it.

Which does bring me back to friends! This past weekend was the YG retreat with my old church, and it was really wonderful to get to see people I haven’t seen in a while. I loved inner tubing, though I do have a few burns and scrapes and bruises the size of a plum (no. joke.) to show for it. Water tubing is a blast. If you ever have the opportunity and aren’t afraid of a few sore muscles, go for it. The entire weekend was completely emotional. I totally broke down the first night and had to go off with one of my friends for a little while and spill my hearts contents to the her. Crying is such good therapy! So is journaling. I must have written at least twenty pages in one day alone. But seriously, God really revealed himself to me this weekend in ways I really needed to see. This past year was such a hard year, and it was really important for me to see that it’s been hard for everyone. And yeah, just maybe, I might not be alone! Such a concept 😀

Continuing on the retreat, the senior service was so powerful. EVERYONE was crying for about two hours straight, but in such a good way. It was a very emotional/intense weekend but it was like therapy, and after it was over you feel so relieved, and so much better. Like pounds of guilt and pain are completely lifted. I love God. He rocks.

On Tuesday of this week, Laurisa has her surprise birthday party! That was really fun to hang out with friends and such. Photoshoots at the beach? Amazing. We’re all gorgeous, hehe. We also watched Confessions of a Shopaholic for the second time for me, and I love that movie. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a really amazing lead guy character with British accent. I love accents. Desmond…. 😉

Oh! And I pumped gas for the first time! It was seriously…. Well, embarrassing 😛 But I had Marina to help me so that was good. We couldn’t figure out how to start it! But once we did it was fine, it was just difficult getting started.

And I had an amazing cookie today. It was like a thumbprint, but better. So amazingly delicious.

I haven’t read much though. That would be the only thing slightly annoying about my summer so far. But… it’s ok. It’s almost like I wanted a break from that too. This has been a very different summer for me, and at first it was hard to adjust to that but I think it might just be part of getting older, and growing up. Not giving up reading, never. But not needing to depend on things so much, that’s really important.

I’m even enjoying my summer homework! I have mountains of APUSH and APCOMP work, as well as preparation for some of my more difficult courses such as Physics and review of Spanish and Algebra. Yippee 😛 But the nice thing about summer homework is that you don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, you don’t even have to do it everyday or everyweek. I appreciate being able to space it out and not feel overwhelmed. For example, I was planning on working on my APCOMP homework tonight, but I think I’m going to go watch Ever After instead. Because I can. And that’s a lovely thing!

Ohhh, and the weather. It’s wonderful. A nice break from the normal drab and gray. Summer is officially my favorite season. I love the heat and the freedom. It’s awesome.

And camps! I have a wedding the first of August, then camp from the 2nd through 7th, and another camp where I’m a counselor from the 8th through 13th, but I’m counting myself dead on the fourteenth after two weeks of non-stop action!

Anyways, there is my snippet peek into my summer. I like summer. I get to hang out with friends. I’m refreshed for the upcoming year, and get to rest while still being busy, which is just the way I like it. So how has your summer been so far? 😀


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  • 1. Georgie  |  July 24, 2009 at 2:02 am

    I remember pumping gas for the first time. Can you spell mortifying? ‘Cause I probably can’t, so do it for me. 😉

  • 2. Priya  |  July 24, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Yay for Harry Potter! I loved the movie too.

  • 3. Danielle  |  July 28, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Georgie- It’s just embarrassing! And that’s M-O-R-T-I-F… Oh wait, you were being sarcastic 😉

    Priya- 😀 I love HP!

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