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Mmm Pumpkins

WARNING: super random nonsense below…

I have this weird craving for pumpkin pie. Really, really yummy pumpkin pie. None of this Safeway nonsense- homemade all the way. But then again, that could just be because I’m doing my summer homework (got to love my school :P) and it’s taking me a ridiculously long amount of time because I keep getting distracted! I might go on eBay and research vintage polaroid cameras, and in the next minute I might be looking at early reviews of Catching Fire (I really want.) or texting friends… I need to solve this dilemna.It’s way too difficult for me to concentrate in the Summer. But I am slowly but surely tackling it. Sooo that’s good!

(even if I did have to resort to Hannah Montana music to keep my focus…)

Actually has anyone ever had squash bread? That stuff is really very delicious. It’s one of my favorite pastry type things. Haha, I’m planning on rewarding myself for actually doing my homework today by walking to the bakery and buying one of their delicious sable cookies (glorified thumbprints 😉 ).

Reading this post over really doesn’t make any sense… but I’m going to publish it anyways because I feel random and what not. My next one shall be more logical, promise. I have a book review of a series to do! Woo! Bet you can’t guess which books if you’ve been following my goodreads… 😀 Which you should by the way. I love goodreads.

Ok I’m done, off to play some frisbee now! Cheers!


August 24, 2009 at 1:39 pm 2 comments

Twirly Whirls #1

1.) I have a like/hate relationship with summer homework. I like keeping my mind fresh and not feeling like I don’t know what to expect for the school year (because trust me, I have enough homework that I know what to expect for Junior year…) but I hate feeling like all I’m doing at the moment is homework. I also hate when it’s boring.

2.) I really miss LOST. It’s one of those shows I talk about all the time (with certain people) and it supplied the mystery element I need in my life. I like mystery, and a little bit of action and the like, and LOST is perfect for me in that sense. So I’m supplementing my lack of LOST by watching the episodes that are on ondemand of Psych, which is actually a really interesting show. Totally different from LOST, but still good in the mystery sense. And it’s funny… 😉

3.) I am texting way too much. I’m not even texting that much by normal people’s standards. It’s definetly under fifty, probably more around 20-30 texts that I send a day, but I feel like I’m texting way too much. So then I console myself by asking my friend Marina (through text of course :P) how many texts she sends in a month…. and it makes me feel much better 😀

4.) We’re remodeling our house as I have previously mentioned, and it’s definetly been hard/good. The hard parts are the lack of home cooked meals. I’ve had so much take out (given it is gourmet take out but…) and whole foods meals that I actually don’t really want to go out to eat at all at the moment. But hopefully that will change soon. Not for a few months though, from what I’ve heard. The remodel was hopefully going to be done by September, when school starts. Yeah. Knew that wouldn’t happen. So then we were hoping for end of September, but it’s looking more like end of October for when we’ll be totally finished. The stinky part of that is that we have to be out of our rental home by the end of August, and then who knows? The good parts are good though. I love that I get to redesign my room, and actually do structural things that are awesome. For example, I’m taking a clay class at a showroom where I will learn how to plaster my walls to have that really earthy, beautifully vintage style. I’m super excited for that. And then of course there’s furniture and fun things like that 😀 So those parts are good!

5.) I got my hair cut on Sunday and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I really like the length (it’s about three inches below my shoulders now as opposed to being super long and to my elbows) however the new style is still taking some getting used to. I think it will require blow drying, which I detest, but oh well. Such is the way of hair 😛

August 21, 2009 at 12:26 pm 3 comments

I am so cool that

… I take photos while i’m being stung by a bee. Yeah, it’s a talent.

On Thursday while I was at camp I noticed a sharp little pain in my elbow, which quickly translated itself into a wild dance which apparently I unknowingly captured on film, because when I was looking back on the day’s photos I noticed two beautiful, yet blurry, slightly wild looking ones. I discovered that I had captured my bee sting.

Which really, doesn’t make me all that happy. I’m allergic to bee stings, and the event was rather painful. But hey, I got a few beautiful photos from it so that makes it all better 😛

first bee sting photo

first bee sting photo

and another one

and another one

It was quite a wild dance. I’m told by the spectators that they weren’t sure what exactly was happening, and whether I was just being crazy or was actually in pain. Me? Crazy? 😉

August 16, 2009 at 9:18 pm 4 comments

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