Welcome! My name is Danielle and as I hope is evident I love books, music, movies, art, writing, my faith, etc. I’m currently a high school Sophomore and plan on using this site to express my thoughts on all of the above listed areas.

Below is an explanation of the different pages:

Books: this section contains links to my “Book Reviews” page, as well as the “Read in 2008” and “Read in 2009” pages 😀

Excerpts and More translated means bits of my writing made to sound more impressive. I’m an aspiring writer and appreciate all feedback (although I prefer positive!).

Quotes. I don’t think this needs that much explanation 😉

And more pages are always being added and changes made to the layout and design. I can’t stand having things always look and feel the same, so my blog changes as I do.

Quick Facts…

Interests: Books, English, Philosophy, School, Blogging, Piano, Guitar, Singing, Knitting and Crocheting, Beading, Scrap booking, Youth Group, Talking, and Friends!

Favorite Books: My all time favorites are The Goose Girl, Wildwood dancing, Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight, anything by Melody Carlson, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Harry Potter Series, anything by Jane Austen, etc. For more info please check out my GoodReads profile (link can be found on the home page). I highly recommend Goodreads as well.

Goals: As of right now I’m planning on joining the book publishing business. Currently I’m interested in graphic design/marketing within this field. I would also love to be an editor/agent and one day hope to be an author, and perhaps even own my own small bookstore focused on childrens and young adult literature.  I set high goals for myself because I believe that I can rise to the challenge 😀

Thanks for visiting!


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